Rose gold nails

Hello there!

Today am posting my Rose Gold nails. This is a Mosaic nail art. I have used all metallic colors. Rose, Green and some gold shimmer nail color. This nail art suits pretty well for festivals, celebrations and can also be a wedding nail. This is a very soft gold effect with some sprinkles of green and rose. 

The technique which I have used is similar to my Messy Magenta nail art. However you can use another easy technique as well. 

To use this technique you need a Liquid nail color rather than gel or Matt types. So take some dollop of nail polish say I have used green and rose here. Place the color on your nail without any systematic arrangement and the fun part begins. Take a dotting tool and give it a soft swirl on the nail.  Tats it! It will give you a perfect Mosaic effect!

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