Lazzzy Lavender

Hi there!

Here is my second Combination nail for this weekend! I have used Maybelline's Color Show Lavender Lies and Coral Craft! I can't hide these two colors are the best for your everyday wear, Celebration look, events or for any occasions just by themselves or with combo art!

This Lavender is not so dark on nails. Its a medium shade of Lavender. Coral Craft is absolutely my favorite! This looks pretty on a broad day light!

Yea, I cannot lie! This Lavender Lies shade is FABULOUS!

Coral Craze no wonder am CRAZY of this shade!

You can recreate this look in no time like the previous one " Nails on Fire". There is no hard and fast rule for anything. Give a twist and try with many shades and create your combo nails for this weekend!

Just Nails is completing One month of blogging. Thanks for all the comments, visits and compliments.


  1. I have the shade coral craze and I love it.

    1. Yea. Coral craze is such a flattering color. Thank you so much for your visit and compliment :)

  2. so easy, chic and elegant


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