Nails on fire!..

As weekend is fast approaching. I thought I could do some easy yet classic combination nails. Perfect on the go nails for your summer. I have used Maybelline's 'Keep the flame' which is a vibrant red color and Revlon's 'Duke Blue' which a perfect Royal Blue Shade for summer.

The texture is very smooth and glossy and staying power of Revlon's Duke Blue is good. It last for 4 to 5 days.

 Maybelline's Color Show has many lovely collections. There are so many shades of red. I found this shade flattering.

Royal Blue and Red blends really well. While applying top coat make sure you apply it on Red first and then move to Royal Blue.. Always use top coat on your lighter color first and then move on to your darker shade. Sometimes when you apply top coat from darker to lighter color there are chances that stains left on your brush might overlay and give you not so good look. This way your lighter nail is not affected or messed by your darker shade!

So you can recreate this look in no time. Less work and more happiness!

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 Coming up next on my blog is a 'lazzzy  Lavender'. This is also a combination type nail art!

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