Mint Me.

Hey Everyone. Here is my Mint me nails! This is a very good look if you are looking for a minimal, less flashy colors or even for an eye catchy look. It simply looks the best with shades of green and you know pistachio kind of color. This is a very soft look with graffiti spots!

Things you need:

1) Maybelline Color show Go graffiti in green
2) Any shade of green (Lighter shade)
3)Top Coat

How to recreate this look?

1) Apply your nail enamel and let it dry well.

2) Apply your Graffiti coat directly on to your nails. 

I have used the word "directly" this is because in all other looks I would have applied a colored polish and then added graffiti above it. However this Maybelline Color Show Go graffiti in Green is not a top coat. This is a nail color with graffiti spots in it. So you don't need a separate color. When I purchased I initially thought this is a top coat like Unmellow yellow. Even if you try coloring your nails and apply this green color graffiti it wouldn't make any difference. This nail coat covers the previous layer and so the first layer pretty much looks opaque! 

3) To add a twist I have applied a metallic kind of green nail color in the ring finger to enhance the look. The best option is use any mint green or a Pistachio color. I wish I used a pistachio on it.

4) Apply Top coat and It's done.

Very simple yet elegant look!


Do you like my post? Let me know how it turns out.

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