Red Chaos.

Hello everyone!

Today is all about my red chaos nail. It was such a boring afternoon with not so good mood, less energy and you know one such not so good day.The temperament was very much close to chaos. Initially planned for a strawberry nail art and ended up with this look. Sometimes simple nail looks better than heavy artistic ones. Less is more!!!..This looks pretty on a Black, Red and yellow attire. So easy and a flattering nail look. This is a perfect easy Summer nail. okay! Lets get back to the look..

Things you need:

1) Red nail polish
2) Graffiti Top coat
3) Top coat

Here I have used Maybelline Go Graffiti Nail coats. You can use any such graffiti coat to recreate this look. 

How to recreate this look?

1) Apply enamel on your nail and let in dry.

2) Apply Red color nail polish. Add some graffiti colors on it. I have used Blue, Yellow and Black spots of graffiti. These colors will pop out much better in red. 

3) Apply Top coat and it's done!


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