Chunky Gold nails!..

Hi everyone! Have a sparkling weekend!

I have created a black and gold chunky nails. This nail art is perfect for celebrations, weddings, parties and events. It looks very glam and beautiful on a broad day light and in flashy lights.

Do you need a sparkle or a spark in your life? This is it! You found the right place! What are you waiting for?

Recreate this shiny & sparking nail. This is very facile to create and requires no tool! It takes minimum time and no effort! Come on girls! Lets Shine!!!..

Things you need:

1) Black Nail color
2) Chunks of gold (Maybelline Gold Digger)
3) Top coat


How to recreate this look?

1) Apply a base coat. I Usually prefer top coat as my base coat. It gives your nail a smooth surface to work on.

2) Apply your dark midnight black nail color. Repeat it 2 to 3 times to get the maximum intensity of the color. Glitters look good on any dark surface. So this step is absolutely essential. Do choose a dark color. Any dark color will do the work!

3) Let your black nail color dry for a while. We don't want to mess up with glitters when it is wet. Apply your chunky gold glitters on it and let it dry.

4) Apply your top coat. It's Done! Voila!..

You can try dark shades like Maroon, Dark chocolate brown, Navy blue, Bottle green to recreate this look. Let me know how it looks on different colors.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks for your compliment! @Astha MBF

  2. wow. Love this. This will be so apt for an evening outing or party :)

    1. Thanks Perkymegs Megha for your visit and compliment. Yes it is indeed a good eve party nail look. :)

  3. wow....... would love to own this


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