Pinkalicious Nail!..

  Hi there! I have created this pinkalicious look today. It suits all dark colored apparel. This is one of the easiest look and requires less tools.

Things you need:

1) Top coat
2) Pale metallic pink
3) Shades of pink and lavender 
4) Dotting tool

How to recreate this look?

1) Apply pale metallic pink as your base coat.

2) Apply top coat and get your dotting tools ready.

3) Make dots of varies sizes starting from small to large. Use shades of pink and purple to recreate this look as the base coat is in pink color. 

4) Apply top coat and it's done!

Use different base coats colors and different pattern of dots to recreate your look. Let me know which suits your nails and what pattern looks beautiful on it!


Do you like my post? Let me know how it turns out.

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