Coral Weds Mint!

This is one of my favorite look. So simple and easy! You really require no brain to work on this kind of nail art. Just coloring and dotting. Whats the big deal in it? Every one is a decor here. This coral minty looks so beautiful on day light. You can make this as a festival look adding some glitters on dots and what not? These two colors are like heaven! It suits most of the people and yes It suits me!

Things you need:

1) A dotting tool
2) Coral nail color
3) Mint green color
4) Top coat

How to recreate this look?

1) Apply coral nail color on your nails. Add two to three layers to get the maximum intensity of the color. Coral! Ahh! What a color. Who hates coral?!! 

2) Apply top coat and let it rest some time.

3) Make dots on your ring and index finger using mint green nail color. You can dot all your nails as well. I had a mood to just dot two fingers. You can create a bigger dots as well. However I felt small dots look pretty on my nails.

4) Apply top coat and let it dry!

It's done!

You can recreate this look with many such colors. I have few suggestions as well,
1) Black and yellow.
2) Red and Black
3)White and Black
4) Purple and Pink
5) Orange and Black..

Oh I forgot! Try it with Golden and Black! ahh.Yea I will stop it here for now.

I can keep adding on and on. Well try out with as many combination of your choice, mood and let me know which suits you the best!  

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