Mirror Mirror on the wall...


Oh Mirror Mirror on the wall who has the most beautiful nails of all??..  
Mirror : Uff!! Ask me when you are done cleaning your nails with nail polish remover!

Am not kidding people! We all got beautiful and lovely nails. It looks simply the best when you maintain it regularly. 

Nail preference:

1) I prefer medium to not so long nails as it's quite facile to maintain this length. 

2) It's good to cut and shape your nails every twice or thrice in a month. Even if you don't shape nails make sure it is cut evenly and neatly.

3) Clean nails are always beautiful and gorgeous!! Nobody wants to fall sick because of it.

4) In my opinion there is nothing more attractive than having a healthy, clean and neat nails. 

Tips for healthy nails:

1)  Restrict coloring and painting your nails too often. Just like your skin which needs to breathe fresh air, your nails require too.

2) Always use a top coat. Top coat here I mean the enamel. As you know this protects your nail from color stain and I also feel it's quite easy to remove glitters when you use enamel on your nails.

3) If you have a dry nail or your nail plate* peels off in any such circumstance you can always use a moisturizer just like your skin.

4) If you prefer to cut your nails short then make sure you don't go below the hyponychium* It doesn't look pleasing if you cut below it. Its is one of the most tender areas of your nail where you might get hurt very easily.


Nail Plate: It is the hard and translucent portion of the nail and is composed of Keratin. In simple words it's the upper most layer of your nail surface.

Hyponychium : The thickened layer of epidermis beneath the free end of a nail or say it is the skin on the tip of your nail.

Hope my nail tips and care were useful to you. Do you have any better ideas or any queries you can comment below to engage in a discussion. 

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