1) Does a beginner need tools to draw on nails?
    Answer: Yes and no! 

2) If yes what are the basic tools?
You need a thin brush for stripes, dotted tool and sponge for gradient effect.

3) Are these tools really necessary?
    Answer: Absolutely not! you can use any house hold/stationery product for your nail decor. 

4) What house hold/ stationery product can be used?
    Answer: You can use kitchen sponge or a soggy cloth for gradient effect, tooth pick, stick, Pencil or an empty pen nib as a dotting tool and your acrylic paint brushes or tapes for stripes.

5) What are the other tools which can be employed in nail decor?
      Answer: Its left to one's own creativity. There can never be any specific nail art tool as such.

Let me know how you decorate your nails. Do you have any other interesting tool that you can mention me? Comment below to engage in a discussion.

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